Project Management Consulting

One mistake many businesses often make, is using a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to manage projects rather than hiring an expert project manager. Even if your SME has managed similar projects in the past, you need to ask: “Were those projects properly evaluated for their success?” The consequences of hiring a SME to manage a project without the proper project management knowledge and performance measures could be disastrous!

The key? Our project managers conform to quality standards utilized by the top 1% in the industry. We have clear, simple methods to show you how to generate a bulletproof budget and schedule. We also build your team to best UTILIZE your valuable subject matter experts (SMEs) and empower them to do their best work.

Win BEFORE you begin with UltiMentors! We provide state of the art training, products and services to elevate Project Management to a new level. UltiMentors will even supply you with the keys to what should be included in the best budgets and schedules for free – connect with us and we’ll show you how!

How UltiMentors solves eight Project Pain Points:

You experience some or all of these problems time and again. Read how we tackle and solve the most vexing problems facing today’s PM.

  • Inconsistent Approach
  • Wrong Tools
  • Work Package Status
  • Subjective “Stoplight” Metrics
  • Capacity Planning
  • Communications
  • Determining the Critical Path
  • Risk Management

“What UltiMentors can do for you” presentation