The Best Way to Interview a Project Manager

One of the best features of a great project manager is to determine how he runs or controls meetings. If the project manager loses control and allows meetings to drag on and on or wander from the original purpose – it will cost the company money, lose credibility and simply reduce his or her effectiveness.

Therefore, there’s a cool way of determining just how the project manager is capable of performing in the role he’s being considered for:

Tell the project manager being considered something similar to the following – “You are in control of the meeting which will take precisely one hour. Each panel member will introduce themselves and inform you of their role. There will be ten questions. Provide as much detail in each answer as you wish – knowing you have one hour to answer all questions and ask any of your own. Good luck”.

Now you will see the ability of the project manager as they would likely perform on the job.

Interesting, right?